Tuesday March 19, 2019

NCIC's Youth Arm

"Too often, many institutions and organisations allow the youth to take the background. For what reason? We feel they are not capable of actually coming to the fore and offering leadership. This has far gone. This idea of youth leadership and youth taking leading roles in leadersip is the way in which the world is going. So again, I congratulate the NCIC for allowing this aspect of leadership within the organisation."

- His Worship, Orlando Nagessar, Mayor for the Borough of Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, speaking at the NCIC Youth Arm's Indian Arrival Day Programme, May 27th 2011.


The NCIC Youth Arm was created as a standing committee of the NCIC in 2009 to aid the parent body in the propagation of Indian culture so as to broaden its appeal to up and coming generations.

The Youth Arm has been entrusted with the task of taking the NCIC forward and making it relevant to a younger audience. Its members intend to do so with a whole-hearted appreciation of Indian cultural development and a drive to explore its past through its present with a concern for its transmission into the future.

The organisation is looking at ways to incorporate technology in the propagation, preservation and generation of Indian cultural forms. We appeal to all people of varying expertise and professions. If you are interested in our work,we welcome you to work with us and share whatever ideas you may have; be they cultural, technical, theoretical or practical.

The Youth Arm intends to broaden the arena for culture by exploring how culture, music, art, drama can be enhanced through technology. Therefore, we would like to build relations with artistes and artists as well as people such as engineers, sound technicians and lighting professionals etc. We encourage all who feel they can contribute to cultural development in any way possible -according to their own ability and expertise- to work with us.


The Aims of the Youth Arm are:

To Aid the NCIC in the execution of its projects

To Broaden the appeal of the organisation to younger generations

To Encourage a fresh approach to propagating Indian culture

To Incorporate new technologies in the propagation of Indian culture

To Explore how Indian culture has developed both locally and abroad

To Facilitate interaction between different generations so as to create a deeper understanding and appreciation for cultural practices

To Understand the cultural past, propagate the cultural present and encourage the development of the cultural future