Welcome to the National Council of Indian Culture Homepage.
Established in 1986, The NCIC is the principal organization for the development and promotion of East Indian and Indo-Trinidadian Culture in Trinidad & Tobago. 

Through our years of experience and linkages created both regionally and internationally, we have developed an international network of individuals and organizations through which we collaborate to promote East Indian Culture in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world.
The NCIC is the proud host of the annual Divali Nagar, held on the leadup to Divali every year. The Divali Nagar held in Trinidad by the NCIC is the largest celebration of Divali outside of India.

Who we are

We are a Non-Governmental Organisation geared towards the preservation and development of East Indian culture in Trinidad and Tobago.
The NCIC has been in existence for fifty-five (55) years and will this year, celebrate thirty-three (33) years of our flagship event, The Divali Nagar.

Calendar of events

The NCIC hosts and celebrates many festivities and events year round. Our flagship events are:
28th  – 30th March 2020 –  Shaadi Mela – The Indian Wedding Expo

May 2020 – Heritage Festival 2020

November 2020  – Divali Nagar

Keep abreast of all the NCIC Events on the NCIC Website Click HERE for more information.